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Kelly: Origin and places
(Gaelic and Welsh.) A grove, generally of hazel. Kill or Cille, in the Gaelic and Celtic, denotes a church.
Origin of the Last Name Kelly
Spelling Variations : KELLIJ | KELLIE | KELLLY | KELLY | KILLY | O'KELLY
Kelly: Place of Origin :  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Isle of Man (United Kingdom) |  County Durham (United Kingdom) |  Strathclyde (United Kingdom) |  West Yorkshire (United Kingdom)
Kelly: Family Trees of the Kellys
KELLY Birmingham (Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom) 1837 - 1963
KELLY Sheffield, Yorkshire (South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1855 - 1914
KELLY Belfast, Northern Ireland (Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom) 1814 - 1837
KELLY Cambuslang, Lanarkshire (Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1899 - 2002
KELLY Glasgow, Lanarkshire (Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1910 - 1977
KELLY Rutherglen, Lanarkshire (Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1888 - 1981
KELLY Kilsyth, Stirlingshire (Central, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1892 - 1899
KELLY Scotland (Scotland, United Kingdom) 1902 - 1909
KELLY Haslingden (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1872 - 1950
KELLY Croydon (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1955 - 1993

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Kelly: Geneanet Members
Photo Sue Ann SUE ANN KELLYSue Ann SUE ANN KELLY Photo Thomas KELLYThomas KELLY Photo Ian KELLYIan KELLY Photo Christopher KELLYChristopher KELLY Photo de Michael KELLYMichael KELLY Photo de Rebecca KELLYRebecca KELLY
Kelly: Famous Genealogies
KELLY, SR John B. born KELLY John Brendan (1889 - 1960)
American oarsman, triple Olympic Gold Medal winner
KELLY Grace born KELLY Grace Patricia (1929 - 1982)
American actress and Princess consort of Monaco
KELLY Megyn born KELLY Megyn Marie (1970 - )
American television host and political commentator on the Fox News Channel
Kelly: Famous People
 The last name Kelly is related to the following famous family trees :
        GIAMATTI A. Bartlett born GIAMATTI Angelo Bartlett (1938 - 1989)
        APGAR Virginia (1909 - 1974)
        BERRY Halle born BERRY Maria Halle (1966 - )
        BUSCH Kurt born BUSCH Kurt Thomas (1978 - )
        CALDWELL Alexander (1830 - 1917)

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