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Hopkins: Origin and places
Little Robert, or the child of Robert The same as Hobkins (which see).
Origin of the Last Name Hopkins
Spelling Variations : HOPKINS | HOPKIN
Hopkins: Place of Origin :  London (United Kingdom) |  Warwickshire (United Kingdom) |  Gloucestershire (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  Kent (United Kingdom) |  Herefordshire and Worcester (United Kingdom)
Hopkins: Family Trees of the Hopkinss
HOPKINS Leeds, Yorkshire (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1890 - 1986
HOPKINS Abergavenny, Monmouthshire (Gwent, Wales, United Kingdom) 1933 - 1943
HOPKINS Blakeney Hill, Blakeney (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1825 - 1866
HOPKINS Gloucester (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1864 - 2004
HOPKINS Skenfrith, Monmouthshire (Gwent, Wales, United Kingdom) 1902 - 1946
HOPKINS Swansea, Glamorgan (West Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom) 1859 - 1967
HOPKINS Westbury On Severn (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1881 - 1895
HOPKINS Chard District (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1858 - 1966
HOPKINS Donyatt (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1827 - 1909
HOPKINS Kingswood (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1774 - 1852

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Hopkins: Geneanet Members
Photo Mike HOPKINSMike HOPKINS Photo Betty Lee HOPKINSBetty Lee HOPKINS Photo Kevin HOPKINSKevin HOPKINS Photo de Kelly HOPKINSKelly HOPKINS Photo de Tom HOPKINSTom HOPKINS Photo de Hazel HOPKINSHazel HOPKINS
Hopkins: Famous Genealogies
HOPKINS Stephen (1707 - 1785)
Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
HOPKINS Mark (1802 - 1887)
American educator and Congregationalist theologian, president of Williams College from 1836 to 1872
HOPKINS, JR. Mark (1813 - 1878)
One of four principal investors who formed the Central Pacific Railroad along with Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, and Collis Huntington in 1861
Hopkins: Famous People
 The last name Hopkins is related to the following famous family trees :
        PENROSE Stephen born PENROSE, JR. Stephen Beasley Linnard (1908 - 1954)
        STRONG Henry A. born STRONG Henry Alvah (1838 - 1919)
        ANTHONY Susan B. born ANTHONY Susan Brownell (1820 - 1906)
        SWINTON Tilda born SWINTON Katherine Mathilda (1960 - )
        WILLIAMS Tennessee born WILLIAMS Thomas Lanier (1911 - 1983)

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