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Holt: Origin and places
Local. A small hanging wood, from Hultz, Dutch, a wood; a peaked hill covered with wood; a grove of trees around a house.
Origin of the Last Name Holt
Holt: Place of Origin :  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Cheshire (United Kingdom) |  West Yorkshire (United Kingdom) |  Staffordshire (United Kingdom) |  Surrey (United Kingdom)
Holt: Family Trees of the Holts
HOLT Bilston (Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1731 - 1820
HOLT Manchester (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1890 - 1897
HOLT Rochdale (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1690 - 1930
HOLT Willenhall (Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1846 - 1918
HOLT Wolverhampton (Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1886 - 1953
HOLT Much Hoole (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1869 - 1922
HOLT Preston (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1929 - 1979
HOLT South Witham (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1876 - 1969
HOLT Bolton-le-Moors (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1792 - 1873
HOLT Bolton (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1716 - 1910

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Holt: Geneanet Members
Photo Joyce HOLTJoyce HOLT Photo de Amy HOLTAmy HOLT Photo de Sharon HOLTSharon HOLT Photo de Matthew MATTHEW HOLTMatthew MATTHEW HOLT Photo de Trenna TRENNA HOLT-STAFFORDTrenna TRENNA HOLT-STAFFORD Photo de Ryan HOLTRyan HOLT
Holt: Famous Genealogies
HOLT Lester
HOLT Lester born HOLT Lester Don (1959 - )
American journalist
 The last name Holt is related to the following famous family trees :
        PERDUE Sonny born PERDUE George Ervin (1946 - )
        REED Elizabeth Jones (1846 - 1935)
        SMOTHERS Dick born SMOTHERS Richard Remick (1939 - )
        FROST Robert born FROST Robert Lee (1874 - 1963)
        ROCARD Michel (1930 - 2016)

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