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Heal: Origin and places
Heal: Place of Origin :  Somerset (United Kingdom) |  Devon (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Hampshire (United Kingdom) |  Gloucestershire (United Kingdom) |  Wiltshire (United Kingdom)
Heal: Family Trees of the Heals
HEAL Axminster (Devon, England, United Kingdom) 1869 - 1904
HEAL Bristol (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1892 - 1944
HEAL Bethnal Green, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1875 - 1879
HEAL Black Torrington (Devon, England, United Kingdom) 1525 - 1679
HEAL Clutton (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1842 - 1911
HEAL Midsomer Norton (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1763 - 1925
HEAL Radstock (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1793 - 1889
HEAL Midsomer Norton (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1733 - 1788
HEAL Saint Léonard Shipham Somerset Angletere (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1803 - 1856
HEAL Axbridge (Somerset, England, United Kingdom) 1856 - 1922

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HEALCommemorative biographical record of the counties of Huron and Lorain, Ohio : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families

... September 26, 1872, with Miss Emma Heal, a native of England, daughter of Enoch and Charlotte Heal. He has proved ...
HEALMemorial record of northeastern Indiana

... also was a son of William Heal, who was one of the earliest settlers in Delaware county, Indiana, where he ...

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