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Gindlesperger: Origin and places
Gindlesperger: Place of Origin :  Somerset (United Kingdom) |  Cleveland (United Kingdom)
Gindlesperger: Family Trees of the Gindlespergers
GINDLESPERGER (FISH) Kantner (United Kingdom) 1935 - 1935
GINDLESPERGER (PAUGH)  (United Kingdom)  -
GINDLESPERGER  (United Kingdom) 1892 - 1892

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Gindlesperger: This name appears in the following books
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GINDLESPERGERThe History of Livingston County, Illinois : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, &c

... and is. the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Gindlesperger) Spiecher , when very young, with his parents, moved to Pennsylvania ...
GINDLESPERGERHistory of Wayne county, Ohio, from the days of the pioneers and the first settlers to the present time

... Mr. Holmes and his family, Tobias Gindlesperger, Martin Weimer and hisbrother-in-law, Joseph Musser. Revs. Sonnedecker, Monosmith and Swissler were among ...

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