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Fishburn: Origin and places
Spelling Variations : FISBURN | FISHBURN | FISCHBORN
Fishburn: Place of Origin :  West Yorkshire (United Kingdom) |  Cumbria (United Kingdom) |  County Durham (United Kingdom) |  Londonderry (United Kingdom) |  North Yorkshire (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom)
Fishburn: Family Trees of the Fishburns
FISHBURN Guiseley, West Riding, Yorkshire (England, United Kingdom) 1828 - 1836
FISHBURN Leeds, West Riding, Yorkshire (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1884 - 1897
FISHBURN Silsden, West Riding, Yorkshire (England, United Kingdom) 1860 - 1895
FISHBURN Wortley, West Riding, Yorkshire (England, United Kingdom) 1860 - 1900
FISHBURN Yeadon, West Riding, Yorkshire (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1806 - 1856
FISHBURN Holbeck-Leeds (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1851 - 1876
FISHBURN  (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1941 - 1941
FISHBURN Darlington (County Durham, England, United Kingdom) 1808 - 1808
FISHBURN Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1863 - 1863
FISHBURN St. Ives, Huntingdon (England, United Kingdom) 1833 - 1833

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Fishburn: This name appears in the following books
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FISHBURNCommemorative biographical encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania : containing sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early Scotch-Irish and German settlers

... August 17, 1814, son of George and Sarah (Fishburn) Hemperly. Martin Hemperly, paternal grandfather of Leurs F., was a native ...
FISHBURNBiographical annals of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania : containing biographical sketches of prominent men and representative citizens and of the early settled families

... Mary INIagdalena Fishburn, daughter of Philip C. Fishburn, and by her marriage with Mr. Ricker, became the mother of nine ...

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