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Church: Origin and places
Local. A house of Christian worship, derived from the old English chirch, and Scottish Kirk, Latin circus, and this from the Gaelic cearcal, a temple, a round building. The root of Church is from the Gaelic car, roundness, from which we have cirke or kirke.
Origin of the Last Name Church
Church: Place of Origin :  Oxfordshire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Kent (United Kingdom) |  Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom) |  Suffolk (United Kingdom) |  Surrey (United Kingdom)
Church: Family Trees of the Churchs
CHURCH Great Wenham (Suffolk, England, United Kingdom) 1798 - 1817
CHURCH Newport, Mon (Gwent, Wales, United Kingdom) 1849 - 1927
CHURCH St Andrews, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1853 - 1858
CHURCH England (England, United Kingdom) 1608 - 1628
CHURCH Chobham (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1797 - 1853
CHURCH Brighton, Sussex (East Sussex, England, United Kingdom) 1865 - 1950
CHURCH Chatham (Kent, England, United Kingdom) 1821 - 1832
CHURCH Chelmsford (Essex, England, United Kingdom) 1834 - 1875
CHURCH Chichester, Sussex (West Sussex, England, United Kingdom) 1869 - 1902
CHURCH Gillingham (Kent, England, United Kingdom) 1825 - 1832

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Church: Geneanet Members
Photo de Harley CHURCHHarley CHURCH Photo de Colleen CHURCHColleen CHURCH Photo de Canyon CHURCHCanyon CHURCH Photo de Vicki louise CHURCHVicki louise CHURCH Photo de Dominic CHURCHDominic CHURCH Photo de Susan CHURCHSusan CHURCH
Church: Famous Genealogies
CHURCH Francis Pharcellus
CHURCH Francis Pharcellus (1839 - 1906)
American publisher and editor
CHURCH William Conant
CHURCH William Conant (1836 - 1917)
American journalist and soldier
Church: Famous People
 The last name Church is related to the following famous family trees :
        ANSARA Matthew born ANSARA Matthew Michael (1965 - 2001)
        BASS Robert P. born BASS Robert Perkins (1873 - 1960)
        CARLSON Tucker born CARLSON Tucker McNear (1969 - )
        DOW Charles born DOW Charles Henry (1851 - 1902)
        ARQUETTE Cliff born ARQUETTE Clifford Charles (1905 - 1974)

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