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Burns: Origin and places
Local. A bum, in Scotland, is a small stream, the same as Bourne. Biorn, in the Danish and Swedish, signifies a bear, figuratively, a ferocious, valiant man.
Origin of the Last Name Burns
Spelling Variations : BURNES | BURNESS | BURNS | BYRNES | BYRNE
Burns: Place of Origin :  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  Strathclyde (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  County Durham (United Kingdom) |  Lothian (United Kingdom) |  Cumbria (United Kingdom)
Burns: Family Trees of the Burnss
BURNS Market Lavington (Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom) 1839 - 1853
BURNS Salisbury (Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom) 1856 - 1867
BURNS Sheffield (South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1854 - 1909
BURNS Whitechapel, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1840 - 1849
BURNS Islington, Greater London (London, England, United Kingdom) 1916 - 1929
BURNS Cockermouth, Cumberland (Cumbria, England, United Kingdom) 1902 - 1977
BURNS Coventry (Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom) 1893 - 1930
BURNS Bolton (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1898 - 1983
BURNS Horwich (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1889 - 1950
BURNS Manchester (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1886 - 1891

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Burns: Geneanet Members
Photo Donna BURNSDonna BURNS Photo de Kayla BURNSKayla BURNS Photo de Sarah BURNSSarah BURNS Photo de Denis BURNSDenis BURNS Photo de KEVIN BURNSKEVIN BURNS Photo de Kristen TURCOTTE/BURNSKristen TURCOTTE/BURNS
Burns: Famous Genealogies
BURNS Ken born BURNS Kenneth Lauren (1953 - )
American director and producer of documentary films
 The last name Burns is related to the following famous family trees :
        KIMMEL Jimmy born KIMMEL James Christian (1967 - )
        LUCAS George born LUCAS George Walton, Jr. (1944 - )
        NEWHART Bob born NEWHART George Robert (1929 - )
        NOWELL Bradley born NOWELL Bradley James (1968 - 1996)
        SEARS Richard Warren (1863 - 1914)

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