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Author Topic: Looking for info on Charles H Perrenoud  (Read 853 times)

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« on: 30 March 2016, 15:31:08 »

In 1910 Charles Perrenoud came to Canada with my Grandfather,  Henry Jampen.  In 1924 , age 36 he went Back to Switzerland. He left Alberta Canada, to Winnipeg Manitoba,
from there he went to New York  USA , I think to France then to Switzerland.  All I know is he Lived in Yverdon, got married and had a Family.  He was born about 1888,
 Traver, Switzerland.  He was 6" 1" tall,, BrownHair,, Blue Eyes.. ( I have a photo of him,)   Plus a copy of his Travel Papers..  I think his Mother was Mary?Huh or Marie?? (On his Travel Paper it says Mary  DO,,  ( What ever that means?HuhHuh)    I do not know who his Father was.
I also found Homestead Records , 1..  1911 and   2.. 1916... Where he did apply for land, in Alberta ,, 2 different areas..
He was an awesome Gardner, and Landscaper, Carpenter.... On the Homestead of my Grandfathers.
I would appreciate very much any information on him and his Family. Or where one can look for information in Switzerland.

Thank you in advance
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« Reply #1 on: 18 December 2016, 04:46:22 »

I did not try to look for him in Switzerland, but here are a few more details you could use:

<< he went to New York  USA, I think to France then to Switzerland.  >>

yes, and I believe you have this on the "Records of Aliens Pre-Examined in Canada, 1904-1954"
It's clear on the image: transit to France, going to Paris.
<< it says Mary  DO,,  ( What ever that means?  >>

le nom de sa mere est Mary Perrenoud  Grin :
do = ditto = as mentioned previously.
He was not born in Travers, NE:  that was his last address in October 1910, when he left for Canada.
He was born in La Sagne, NE

Swiss Overseas Emigration, 1910-1953
Charles Perrenoud
Birth Year:   1888
Place of Origin:   La Sagne, Neuenburg (Neuchâtel), Schweiz (Switzerland)
Last Residence:   Travers, Neuenburg (Neuchâtel), Schweiz (Switzerland)
Departure Date:   Okt 1910 (Oct 1910)
Port of Departure:   Havre
Port of Arrival:   Quebec (Quebec City)
Source:   Auswanderungsamt und Auswanderungsbüro. Überseeische Auswanderungen aus der Schweiz, 1910-1953. Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv. E 2175 - 2, Band 2.

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« Reply #2 on: 08 January 2017, 16:22:01 »

Thank You so much for the correction, I like to have correct information, I'll change the Travers
and Mary do... to Mary Perrenoud. , I thought that was her Maiden name,, oooops
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