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Search Your French Ancestors

The GeneaNet Database

GeneaNet is the biggest French genealogy database so it’s the right place to start your French family history research.

GeneaNet is a genealogy database of 1.6 million members who share 405 million individuals in their Online Family Trees and 3.5 million of digitized records.

But GeneaNet is also 23 million records indexed by French family history societies and more than 250,000 genealogy books.

Here is what you can expect to find in the GeneaNet database:

Online Family Trees

French genealogists are sharing their family history research in the GeneaNet Online Family Trees.

Feel free to contact them if you find some common ancestors!

As you know, you must always verify the data provided by genealogy researchers...

Search your French ancestors in the GeneaNet Online Family Trees

Digitized Records & Indexes

French genealogists are sharing 3.5 million digitized records: Parish Registers, Vital Records, Censuses, Notarial Records, etc.

You can search these records by administrative area (department) or by name in the collaborative index (you can help to improve it by adding names).

Search your French ancestors in the Digitized Records

Many French family history societies are sharing their indexes on GeneaNet so you can today search for your French ancestors in 23 million records!

Search your French ancestors in the Indexes

Genealogy Books

More than 376,000 genealogy books (Almanac, monography, military directory, etc.) are indexed by name and first name so you can easily search for your French ancestors.

Search your French ancestors in the Genealogy Books