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Upload and Import a GEDCOM File: FAQ

I can’t see my data in the search results list.

Your data will be automatically indexed within the next 48 hours. Verify the privacy options of your Online Family Tree.

How can I add family pictures in my Online Family Tree?

Family pictures are not imported with your GEDCOM file. To add a family picture in your Online Family Tree, log in as ‘Admin’, go to the page of the individual in your family tree, click ‘Update’ at the top right of the screen, then click ‘Send an image’.

My zipped GEDCOM file has been rejected.

Vérify that your zip file contains your GEDCOM file and that it is not password protected.

All of the individuals have been duplicated.

Select the ‘Replace Data’ option and import your GEDCOM file again.

There are more individuals in my GeneaNet Online Family Tree than in my genealogy software.

When there is only one known parent for an individual in your family tree, GeneWeb automatically create a new parent named ‘?’.

The international characters are not correctly imported.

Export your GEDCOM file in UTF-8 format.