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Upload your digitized archival records, your indexed genealogical data, and your pictures of graves and memorials to Geneanet, then attach them to your family tree and share them with other members!

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Do you have free time? Do you like history? Do you want to help other genealogists? It's very easy to index some archival records to make them searchable in the Geneanet database. Ready to try?

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A Cemetery for Posterity

Cemeteries are one of the most important resources for genealogists, and we must capture and index graves before they are lost. Join our project and take pictures of headstones around your place.

A Cemetery for Posterity

Time period: Present
Place: Worldwide
Level: Easy


You have made the family tree of a famous people? You can add it to Geneastar. It will be accepted if there are at least 5 generations and if it's available on Geneanet.


Place: World
Level: Easy

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