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1823 - 1833

Uploaded by : Marie Paule AUPIN CASSIGNOL (mpc2)
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tables décennales des naissances de Tourreilles, canton de Limoux, Aude

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Date Name First Name
24/07/1823 ARCENS Jean-Gabriel
03/03/1823 AYMERIC Pierre
16/04/1825 AYMERIC Elizabeth
04/03/1828 AYMERIC Jean
21/10/1830 AYMERIC Jean-Pierre
09/09/1823 AZAÏS Ignace
15/09/1827 AZAÏS Jeanne Marie
25/10/1830 BAILLE Jean Pierre
09/03/1823 BAYLE Claire
01/08/1825 BAYLE Pierre
15/08/1826 BAYLE Félice
12/03/1827 BAYLE Marthe
02/10/1830 CABAILLES Bernard
14/04/1830 CARBONNEL Marie
27/06/1824 CAVAILLES Roze
02/03/1827 CAVAILLES Marie
25/08/1823 COSTE Jeanne Marie
02/11/1823 COSTE Marie
16/03/1826 COSTE Marie Anne
27/05/1832 COSTE Barthélémy